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A Priority in Your Vacation Planning

Whether your perfect vacation is white sand beaches with 5 star resort pampering, challenging mountains and waves around the globe or exploring remote regions of our planet, your vacation planning should include a travel medicine consultation to protect your health and ensure optimal enjoyment of your vacation.

Travelers to foreign countries are exposed to different conditions and infectious risks than at home in Canada. Infectious diseases such as Hepatitis A are common in many foreign countries and pose a real health risk to you while on vacation. While most Canadians have had their childhood immunizations, many of us have not received the necessary boosters to ensure lasting immunity. While our immunization program in Canada has virtually rid us of threats such as Smallpox and Polio, we do not receive vaccines for diseases that are no longer present in our country. For serious diseases such as Japanese Encephalitis, Meningitis and Typhoid Fever that exist abroad there are safe and effective vaccines to prevent them.

Pre Travel Consultation

Your risk will be assessed based on where you are traveling, how long you will away, potential and existing disease outbreaks, the activities you plan to undertake and your general health, age and immunization history. Recommended precautions will be discussed and necessary vaccines will be provided. Prescriptions for anti-malaria drugs and prevention of traveler’s diarrhea will be provided if indicated. All customized to ensure you have the safest vacation possible.

Post Travel Consultation

Follow up is available to ensure completion of vaccine series and where necessary, post travel screening can be provided to ensure safety to friends, family and co-workers upon your return. Our doctors will also see patients with referrals for post travel illnesses. We provide a full continuum of care in travel medicine.

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Travel Health Advisory

Don't forget to check the Travel Health Advisory Bulletins from the Public Health Agency of Canada before you leave.

Advisory Bulletins

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