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Corporate Travel


A Strategy to Protect Your Workforce

In today’s global economy employers are frequently sending employees to foreign countries to conduct business. A key component in your human resources strategy is ensuring employees are adequately prepared and immunized against preventable diseases. At Richmond Square Medical Centre, we can partner with corporations. We provide your employees with specialized travel consultations ensuring a standardized approach for the employer without sacrificing individualized care for the employee. The outcome is no loss of business productivity while abroad due to illness and a healthy workforce upon return.

Our travel medicine professionals can provide your employees with vaccinations, prescriptions and extensive health advice ensuring they are aware of important risks applicable to their corporate travel itinerary. Current knowledge of outbreak alerts and emerging threats ensures we are in the best position to educate business travelers and reduce corporate risk. Our travel clinic is a Health Canada designated Yellow Fever Clinic and can provide the necessary vaccinations and documentation for entering or traveling through countries with the risk of Yellow Fever.

Corporate travelers often make numerous trips abroad. Sometimes returning to the same locale numerous times or branching off to new business opportunities. Establishing Richmond Square Medical Clinic as your corporate travel medicine provider ensures continuity of care and vaccination records, while also providing busy corporate travelers with a full medical clinic & pharmacy on site to meet their health care needs.

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Travel Health Advisory

Don't forget to check the Travel Health Advisory Bulletins from the Public Health Agency of Canada before you leave.

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